Let Me Love You


Let me love you
Let me love you from the top to the bottom
And from the bottom to the top
Let me love without guards held high
Let me love you and I won´t stop

Believe me, this is more than a physical-education clinic attempt
This is the removal of you waiting by the phone
A removal of the past
A removal of you spending nights alone

I´m here now with my cape on
Ready to rescue you and expose you to a love that won´t fade away
No more being plan B or C
Let me love you and show you that you are my plan A

No more questioning questionable associations
It will be like you´re the only woman I know
No more wondering if you´re being thought of
You´ll be on my mind everywhere I go

But you have to let me love you
I´d rather watch you, than sports on TV
I´m more into you than words can express
I want to love you every day hard and free

I don´t ever plan on having to find my way back home to you
I never plan to have to express how much I care
I don´t plan on having any apologetic roses delivered to you
I plan to legitimately and forever be there

So let me love you
And you will see
That your dream has come true
Now forever happy and content with me you will be!

~ thank you Lord

~ A letter to my daughter tyra

~ a loving woman next to me