A Loving Woman Next To Me


I need to have a loving woman next to me when I sleep
Because with every breath she takes
She pulls me closer to my ancestors and their power
And in the morning hour Even though God has already created one
She is my personal morning sun

In the morning, I need to bathe in her laughter
Dry myself in her warmth
Dress myself in her strength
Open the blinds to her soul
Then reminisce about the night before to feel whole
Before I walk out of the door
Only to stand on the porch and beg for more

Yes, I need a loving woman lying there
If for nothing else than to purify the air
I need to know that she knows that I’m protecting her
Never for even a second neglecting her
Being the shield she needs as her King
As she falls asleep I’ll whisper love poetry in her ear
And when she awakes put on soft jazz music and sing

I just need a loving woman there next to me
ot even to have sex with me
Just to bring out the best in me
And make everything in my life alright
I need her there just to keep things tight

Because a bed half empty
Makes a man feel homeless in his own house
That one vacant pillow without his woman
Makes a house not a home
I need a loving woman next to me
Because without her I’ll forever be… sleeping alone


~ thank you Lord

~ A letter to my daughter tyra

~ let me love you