A Letter to My Daughter Tyra


Tyra, I´ve lost many times
I´ve missed out on many opportunities
I have failed on so many things I said I´d do
But this time, I´m going to win with you

Your father surely can´t be better than all the rest
But I promise that for you I will always do my best
If you ever see me fall in an attempt to win
Just know that I´ll get right back up and try again

I´ll never give up, because your success is my goal
You are the one my princess, who makes me feel whole
You are my gift from above I know this is true
Without a second thought I would die for you

I don´t ever want you to need for anything
If you need me and can´t say the words just hum or sing
You might not see my face but I´ll be in the air
No matter what it takes, I´ll always be there

You are a gift to my life
I´ll keep hold of your hand until you become someone´s wife
But for now I´m not tired, we´ve only just begun
If I could I´d give the world to you
Including the stars, moon and the sun
I´ve lost so many times, even come in last place
But with you my beautiful daughter, I´m finally winning the race

~ a loving woman next to me

~ thank you Lord

~ let me love you